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Tag: cybersecurity

  • Let Me See Your Halo

    Humans are irrational. Seriously, have you ever pondered the whole “halo effect” thing? So I’m digging my claws into this psychology book by Daniel Kahneman called Thinking Fast and Slow and growing more and more thankful to be a lizard. This halo effect appears to be some kind of cognitive bias which shapes human perceptions…


  • OMSCS CS 6262 Review

    Networking is as fundamental to security as camouflage to a chameleon. So let’s just say I was super eager to chow down on everything this course had to offer. Seems fitting while writing this review during the holiday season to compare the course to fruitcake, a mixed texture of fruits and nuts. Some of the…


  • Call Me Gordon McPhish

    Immersed in the academic bubble of Georgia Tech’s Master’s program, it’s pretty common to get a bit of a one-sided view of the real world. Exploring the world of machine learning for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and how malware can outsmart these systems is downright intriguing. Yet, truth be told, your average cyber crook isn’t…