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  • Call Me Gordon McPhish

    Immersed in the academic bubble of Georgia Tech’s Master’s program, it’s pretty common to get a bit of a one-sided view of the real world. Exploring the world of machine learning for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and how malware can outsmart these systems is downright intriguing. Yet, truth be told, your average cyber crook isn’t…


  • Em🤔ji Intel: Spotting Mass-Generated Messages

    Ever gotten one of these messages? “Hi YOUR NAME HERE, Your strong background and experience caught my eye and I wanted to connect. I’m partnering with a hiring team at COOLEST COMPANY EVER looking for a Threat Services Vulnerability Analyst… blah, blah, blah… Thank you for your time! GENERIC NAME Recruiter at BEST RECRUITING COMPANY…


  • Let’s Talk TikTok

    TikTok has been making the news a lot lately with States like Montana electing for an all out ban of the popular social media platform. If you are not already familiar with the various arguments for or against, well, here’s the quick and dirty run down. For Banning TikTok:– Bad for the kiddos– National security…


  • Transforming with Holehe-Maltego

    Hello Maltego! A software that’s all about Transforms? Sounds like my kind of software. It’s free?! Could this get any… oh wait… Ok, so join the club of hundreds if not thousands of software options with a free download and premium subscriptions. From video games to corporate level software solutions, it’s the same old bait…


  • Anonymizing Your Sock Puppets

    You’re not real without your phone! At least, that seems to be the conclusion much of internet has reached. When so much of the online ecosystem revolves around tracking and selling your personal data, there are very real financial concerns when it comes to validating the identity of users for major social platforms. Unfortunately, blending…