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Category: Course Review

Articles related to courses regardless of length.

  • OMSCS CS 6262 Review

    Networking is as fundamental to security as camouflage to a chameleon. So let’s just say I was super eager to chow down on everything this course had to offer. Seems fitting while writing this review during the holiday season to compare the course to fruitcake, a mixed texture of fruits and nuts. Some of the…


  • Arc (Awesome) X

    Greetings fellow cyber-sleuths! If you’ve been traversing the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, you know the journey can be relentless. Not only must you stay ahead of the latest tech trends, but those certifications demand a never-ending stream of continuing education units (CEUs). In such a ravenous ecosystem, training providers are as plentiful as stars in…


  • OMSCS PUBP 6725 Review

    If you read my OMSCS CS6035 review and surmised that the subsequent one would arrive in August, kudos to you – your intuition was spot on! An all-star cadre of Milton Mueller, Andreas Kuehn, and Beau Sommerville lead this introduction into Information Security Policies, PUBP 6725. The course is one of the two core classes…


  • Know Your Crypto

    If you are considering expanding your knowledge of cryptocurrency and have looked into certification options, you may have come across the Certified Cryptocurrency Intelligence (CCI) course offered by Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG). Before jumping in and paying the $$$, you may want to read on to better decide if this course is a good fit…


  • OMSCS CS6035 Review

    You are here to prepare for CS 6035, decide whether to take CS 6035, or perhaps just curious about my experiences this semester….