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Tag: cti

  • Let Me See Your Halo

    Humans are irrational. Seriously, have you ever pondered the whole “halo effect” thing? So I’m digging my claws into this psychology book by Daniel Kahneman called Thinking Fast and Slow and growing more and more thankful to be a lizard. This halo effect appears to be some kind of cognitive bias which shapes human perceptions…


  • Call Me Gordon McPhish

    Immersed in the academic bubble of Georgia Tech’s Master’s program, it’s pretty common to get a bit of a one-sided view of the real world. Exploring the world of machine learning for Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and how malware can outsmart these systems is downright intriguing. Yet, truth be told, your average cyber crook isn’t…


  • Made For Maltego

    When I first got to know Maltego, it was like love at first sight for this chameleon! It felt as if Transforms were whispering my name. We were a match made in data heaven. But just like any relationship, that initial infatuation needs to grow into something more substantial if it’s going to last. So,…


  • Arc (Awesome) X

    Greetings fellow cyber-sleuths! If you’ve been traversing the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, you know the journey can be relentless. Not only must you stay ahead of the latest tech trends, but those certifications demand a never-ending stream of continuing education units (CEUs). In such a ravenous ecosystem, training providers are as plentiful as stars in…


  • Watchman on the Wall

    What is cyber threat intelligence (CTI)? The term is about as elusive as the color of my skin.


  • Move Over, MOVEit, for Open-Source

    PrefaceReaders of my blog will know that I typically maintain a pretty casual tone. This post was originally written for an academic setting, so hang with me if you find yourself slogging through a bit denser material this time. AbstractThe MOVEit transfer campaign, orchestrated by the CL0P ransomware gang, targeted a wide range of victims,…