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Month: April 2023

  • Hunting the Cryptic Spectre

    With the continual growth in capture the flag style events, Hacktoria recently launched the CTF Engineer Academy in order to recruit more like-minded individuals to meet the demand. On 24 April 2023, we welcomed the first contract created by the newly minted title, Hacktoria CTF Engineer. If you are looking for a nice little Cyber…


  • OMSCS CS6035 Review

    You are here to prepare for CS 6035, decide whether to take CS 6035, or perhaps just curious about my experiences this semester….


  • Searching for Someone?

    “It’s all about people,” a pastor once repeated over and over in a multipart series on the Sermon on the Mount. In cybersecurity, we sometimes lose sight of this amid all the cool gadgets and gizmos. Although the other things we do are important, we must always remember why we do them. For me, the…


  • Not an Iguana!

    If you get it, you get it. Those sleazy tourist and short-timers just don’t. It’s like a lizard just can’t get some respect around here…


  • Taking on the Drug Lords

    The Cartel Connection, which provided a photo to identify Diego’s last known location…